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Music for Museums is a small enterprise that aims to create the perfect soundtrack for your museum exhibition or cultural space. Music can greatly enhance the visual experience by adding a sense of place and time, and a subtle atmosphere of adventure, intimacy or lingering meditation.


  Tatiana Rucinska is particularly interested in providing music for exhibitions that focus on ancient, traditional or folk culture. She designs a music playlist that is tailored to suit the specific exhibition her client is putting on. The playlist is provided in a high quality digital format and is fully licensed for public usage.


  Tatiana’s knowledge of music is wide-ranging and includes mainstream and non-mainstream styles; popular, folk and traditional music from around the world; and experimental music. She has been working in the fields of music, broadcasting and publishing for almost 20 years, including Sveriges Radio, Songlines magazine, BBC London, Union Square Music, Evening Standard, Nascente/Demon Music Group and World Music Network.


  Whether it’s West African ritual masks, ancient Chinese art, statuettes of Indian Hindu gods, Native American traditional dress or the history of the Sami people, Tatiana can create the perfect soundtrack to accompany your exhibition.


Please email to discuss your music requirements.

Music for Museums, Exhibitions and Cultural Spaces

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